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  • What to do in Montepulciano

Il Vecchio Milipano, with its three, simple yet elegant rooms, is nestled in a spot that's meant to be lived in and shared.
Native meadows, cypress and roses, white and purple lavender, hypericum and osmanthus are the perfect complement to the little terrace in the courtyard where breakfasts and dinners are served outdoors overlooking the luscious green of the surrounding countryside.

" Within reach...."

take an aperitif while listening to the sounds and observing the beauty of nature;
sip a glass of good wine accompanied by delicious snacks, cheeses, preserves and a good book;
savor the tranquility of this place…;
take walks in the country, pick wildflowers and seasonal, native fruits such as blackberries, cherries, figs, currants and wild strawberries;
spread a blanket under the Great Oak Tree and enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner from an antique basket – because simple things like eating with your fingers give such pleasure and produce a real sense of freedom;
play ping-pong or pinball for a laugh;
dive into the pool and relax.

" Pane Vino & Zucchero"

"Pane Vino & Zucchero" (Bread, wine and sugar) is not a restaurant , but rather a " cucineria " which is a place where you eat well, drink and enjoy yourself with your friends and family . The word is created by joining the words for cooking, food, drink and good company and we feel it perfectly describes our eatery where we warmly welcome our guests and share with them this traditional Tuscan philosophy. Here you will taste a simplified version of our local specialities, served with a new modern twist whilst still respecting the culture and traditions of the food from this area of Italy and above all using seasonal products . The result of our unique formula is that we have chosen to offer you a menu where you eat well on a fair budget whilst sharing good food with us and your friends and family in an intoxicating environment.
Our menu always reflects a remarkable attention to detail in particular regarding the freshness and seasonality of the local produce which we use, occasionally dishes and specific ingredients within them may change depending on their seasonal availability.
We request that you communicate to our staff if you have any allergies or food intolerance
Via di Borgo Buio, 10
Montepulciano - SI
+39 0578 757922